Adventure Racing Sprint Package

  • Adventure Racing Sprint Package
    Adventure Racing Sprint Package
    We've made it easy!
    The Adventure Racing Sprint Gear Package is here!
    Not sure what you need to race?

    We've put together an AR package that contains the items you need for most Sprint races.

    So, what do you get?
    Gregory Stimulus Backpack
    Ultralight hydration popular among sprint length adventure racers and ultra marathoners. Fits a 120 ounce hydration bladder, a shell and some bars.

    Princeton Tec Quad Headlight
    Powered by 4 regulated Ultrabright LEDs the QUAD delivers constant brightness on all modes in an ultralight waterproof housing.

    Brunton Adventure Racing Compass 8096
    Our 8096 AR is the first compass built specifically for adventure racers.

    AMK Ultralight 0.5 First Aid Kit
    This super small and light kit packs all the necessary first aid goodies you'll need for any short adventure.

    Price: $99.99
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